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Advantage Chiropractic cordially invites residents from throughout Wisconsin with a special spotlight on the dynamic populace of Hales Corners, WI. Our clinic is zealously dedicated to elevating health and catalyzing the body’s self-healing capabilities via the exceptional virtues of chiropractic therapy. Steering our mission are Dr. Evan Norum and Dr. Zachary Bruley, our ardent champions, who pour their hearts into enhancing your wellness and invigorating your life’s tapestry. We hold fast to a holistic view of health, assuring that we extend nothing less than extraordinary chiropractic care to our esteemed patients from Hales Corners and its neighboring communities.

Dr. Evan and Dr. Zachary are the cornerstones of our practice, endowed with a treasure trove of expertise and a compassionate method in their healing touch. Whether you’re a local or from nearby vicinities, we warmly encourage you to experience the life-changing potential of chiropractic care delivered by the adept hands of our distinguished doctors.

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Chiropractic Care Hales Corners

At our chiropractic oasis, we celebrate your complete health and wellness. Weaving together the wisdom of ancient healing arts with contemporary chiropractic techniques, we concentrate on the seamless connection between your nervous system and your body’s architecture, with a keen focus on rectifying any spinal or joint misalignments. We firmly believe in the body’s inherent power to heal and self-regulate—a principle that has been at the heart of chiropractic philosophy since its inception in 1895.

Our commitment is to nurture this innate healing ability by adjusting imbalances in the spine and joints, alleviating pain, and facilitating your journey to wellness. Chiropractic care transcends the mere treatment of back pain; it is a holistic pursuit of overall health. By conducting regular chiropractic assessments and adjustments, we actively engage in reducing discomfort and forestalling potential health concerns, helping you to achieve and preserve your optimal state of health.

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Our clinic excels in delivering focused treatment for neuropathic pain, cervical and lumbar discomforts, and injuries incurred through athletic activities, all via non-invasive chiropractic techniques. Engage with our certified chiropractic professionals in Hales Corners, WI, for expert aid in managing persistent pain and enhancing mobility.

Neuropathy chiropractic care patient holding her foot.

Neuropathy Treatment Hales Corners

If you’re noticing symptoms like tingling or a gentle warmth in your extremities, our Hales Corners clinic offers specialized treatments tailored to mitigate neuropathy symptoms and restore nerve health. Our advanced techniques effectively address a range of nerve-related issues, from diabetic neuropathy to peripheral neuropathy and general nerve pain, providing you with both alleviation and recovery.

Neck pain chiropractic care patient holding the back of her neck.

If you’re contending with discomfort from long hours at your desk or the aftermath of a sudden movement, our clinic is ready to address many neck pain conditions. We craft personalized treatment plans to soothe muscle rigidity, correct disc displacement, reduce joint inflammation, and resolve related pains. Focusing on the root of your discomfort, we guide you to lasting ease and relief.

Back pain chiropractic care patient holding his lower back in pain.

Join us at our clinic to restore your upright posture and grace! Facing challenges like a pinched nerve, muscle strain, spinal narrowing, or a slipped disc, our therapeutic techniques are aimed at lessening your discomfort and improving your mobility. Trust in our holistic approach to spinal care as we support you in attaining and maintaining optimal health.

Headache chiropractic care patient holding his temples.

Say farewell to the unrelenting distress of headaches with our expert treatment. Our adept chiropractic adjustments offer solace from the clutches of migraines, the burden of tension headaches, and the discomfort originating from neck conditions. Embark on a path to a life free from the confines of pain.

Sciatica chiropractic care patient holding sciatic nerve in pain.

We address the sharp distress of sciatica, whether due to disc herniation, the physical changes of pregnancy, spinal stenosis, or other related ailments. At our medical clinic, our therapeutic approaches are carefully crafted to promptly ease the intense pain accompanying the irritation of the body’s most extensive nerve pathway.

Sports injury chiropractic care patient holding his knee in pain

In Hales Corners, our clinic is fully equipped to support athletes in their recovery from injuries, ranging from joint dislocations to tendonitis. Our practitioners bring not only their professional expertise but also their personal experience with sports injuries to the table. We are dedicated to boosting your athletic performance and facilitating your return to top form.

Car accident chiropractic care patient holding his neck from whiplash after an accident.

Automobile accidents can leave enduring impacts on your physique.  Our chiropractors excel in alleviating the physical aftermath of such traumatic events, focusing on conditions like whiplash, muscle strains, and spinal misalignments through our gentle but effective chiropractic methods. Reclaim your flexibility and restore your vitality post-accident with our dedicated care and support.

Pediatric chiropractic care patient getting examined by doctor.

We are dedicated to extending the restorative advantages of chiropractic care to the younger generations. We offer gentle and natural care that is specifically designed for children. Our services include adjustments for scoliotic conditions, comforting colicky infants, and alleviating the discomfort of growing pains. By bringing your child to our practice for early and proactive spinal attention, you can safeguard their health in a nurturing atmosphere.

Prenatal chiropractic care patient sitting on doctors table.

Prenatal Care

Are you expecting a new addition to your family? We offer specialized chiropractic care that is tailored to your prenatal needs. Our gentle techniques can help relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing in the lumbar and pelvic areas, as well as address issues like sciatica. We understand that this is a significant time for you, and we are dedicated to providing considerate and gentle care to help you enjoy peace and comfort throughout your pregnancy.

Hales Corners New Patients

We would like you to embark on your journey towards better health with a comprehensive evaluation by our team of chiropractic specialists in Hales Corners. During your initial appointment, we will conduct a thorough examination of your medical history, perform necessary X-rays, and carry out a detailed assessment of your spinal and neurological condition. This meticulous investigation enables us to develop a personalized treatment plan specifically tailored to meet your unique health needs.

New patient checking in with the care coordinator at Advantage Chiropractic in New Berlin, WI.

Insurance Options

At Advantage Chiropractic, just a short distance from Hales Corners, we understand the varied financial circumstances of our clients. To address this, we offer multiple payment methods and accept a wide range of insurance plans to ensure our exceptional chiropractic services are accessible to all.

Insurance Versatility:

We take pride in our partnerships with a comprehensive array of esteemed insurance providers.

– We provide services that are covered by both in-network and out-of-network plans
– We accept a variety of PPO and HMO insurance types
– We manage coverage for workers’ compensation cases
– We are proud participants in the Medicare scheme

Our dedication is to ensure that financial constraints do not impede your access to chiropractic wellness.

Initial Consultation

$ 49
1 Time Fee
  • Neurological Exam
  • X-Rays & Spinal Exam
  • Customized Treatment Plan

Why Choose Us


Dr. Evan Norum and Dr. Zachary Bruley lead our thriving practice. Their vast experience enables us to address health issues with precision and compassion.

Custom Treatment Plans:

Advantage Chiropractic creates personalized treatment plans for each patient, delivering the best outcomes tailored to your unique journey toward wellness.

Non-Invasive Adjustments:

We use the non-intrusive Torque Release Technique and the Integrator instrument for gentle and accurate spinal adjustments at our patient center.

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Embark on your journey to holistic health with Advantage Chiropractic, near Hales Corners. Our team of chiropractic professionals is passionate about designing treatment plans that are as unique as you, offering natural solutions for pain relief. A short distance from the heart of the area, we are your allies in achieving the full benefits of spinal wellness, guiding you toward an active and pain-free lifestyle. We invite you to reach out today to begin your journey to improved well-being.

Dr. Zach and Dr. Evan standing next to each other.
Dr. Zach and Dr. Evan standing next to each other.