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Advantage Chiropractic extends a warm invitation to folks from across the Badger State, with a special nod to the vibrant community of West Allis, WI. Our clinic is passionately focused on enhancing health and promoting the body’s innate healing abilities through the transformative power of chiropractic treatment. Leading the charge are Dr. Evan Norum and Dr. Zachary Bruley, our fervent advocates, who are wholeheartedly dedicated to boosting your wellness and adding vitality to your life’s narrative. We are steadfast in our holistic approach to health, ensuring that we provide nothing short of exceptional chiropractic care to our esteemed West Allis patients and those from nearby areas.

Dr. Evan and Dr. Zachary are the foundational pillars of our practice, armed with a wealth of expertise and a nurturing touch in their therapeutic approach. No matter if you’re a resident of West Allis or from the surrounding localities, we warmly beckon you to join us and discover the transformative power of chiropractic care, all under the expert care of our renowned doctors.

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Chiropractic Care West Allis

At our West Allis chiropractic retreat, we honor the entirety of your well-being. We blend ancient healing traditions with modern chiropractic practices, focusing on the harmonious interplay between your nervous system and skeletal structure, especially targeting any spinal or joint misalignments. Our core belief is in your body’s intrinsic ability to heal and regulate itself—a tenet central to chiropractic thought since its beginnings in 1895.

We are dedicated to fostering this natural capacity for healing by correcting imbalances in the spine and joints, providing pain relief, and supporting your health journey. Chiropractic care goes beyond the scope of simply treating back pain; it encompasses overall wellness. Through regular chiropractic evaluations and adjustments, we take an active role in mitigating discomfort and preventing future health issues, aiding you in maintaining your best possible health.

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Our West Allis clinic is adept at providing targeted care for neuropathic pain, neck and lower back issues, and sports-related injuries, all through the application of non-surgical chiropractic methods. Connect with our accredited chiropractic experts in West Allis, WI, for proficient assistance in controlling chronic pain and improving your flexibility.

Neuropathy chiropractic care patient holding her foot.

Neuropathy Treatment West Allis

Should you be experiencing sensations such as tingling or a subtle warmth in your limbs, our West Allis clinic specializes in customized treatments designed to alleviate the symptoms of neuropathy and rejuvenate nerve function. Our progressive approaches successfully treat various nerve-related conditions, including diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, and overall nerve discomfort, offering you both relief and recuperation.

Neck pain chiropractic care patient holding the back of her neck.

For those wrestling with the strain from extended periods at the computer or the consequences of an abrupt motion, our clinic in West Allis is prepared to confront a variety of neck pain issues. We design individualized care strategies to ease muscle stiffness, rectify disc misalignments, diminish joint swelling, and tackle other associated discomforts. By zeroing in on the fundamental cause of your pain, we lead you towards a journey of sustained relief and comfort.

Back pain chiropractic care patient holding his lower back in pain.

Partner with us at our West Allis clinic to reclaim your posture and elegance! Whether you’re contending with a pinched nerve, overstretched muscles, spinal stenosis, or a herniated disc, our therapeutic methods are focused on reducing your pain and enhancing your agility. Have faith in our all-encompassing approach to spinal health as we assist you in achieving and preserving your well-being.

Headache chiropractic care patient holding his temples.

Bid adieu to the persistent throes of headache agony with our proficient care. At our West Allis clinic, our skilled chiropractic adjustments provide an escape from the grip of migraines, the weight of tension headaches, and the aches stemming from neck issues. Begin your voyage towards a life unshackled from the chains of pain.

Sciatica chiropractic care patient holding sciatic nerve in pain.

We tackle the piercing discomfort of sciatica, arising from conditions such as disc herniation, the bodily adjustments of pregnancy, spinal stenosis, or other related issues. In West Allis, our therapeutic treatments are meticulously developed to quickly alleviate the acute pain associated with the inflammation of the body’s longest nerve route.

Sports injury chiropractic care patient holding his knee in pain

Our clinic in West Allis is well-prepared to aid athletes in overcoming injuries, from treating joint dislocations to tackling tendonitis. Our practitioners don’t just provide professional expertise; they also offer valuable personal experience with sports-related injuries. We’re committed to enhancing your athletic capabilities and helping you return to peak performance.

Car accident chiropractic care patient holding his neck from whiplash after an accident.

Vehicle accidents can inflict long-term effects on your body. At our West Allis clinic, we specialize in mitigating the physical consequences of these incidents, concentrating on treating conditions such as whiplash, muscle strains, and spinal misalignments with our gentle, yet potent, chiropractic techniques. Recover your flexibility and regain your vigor after an accident with our committed care and assistance.

Pediatric chiropractic care patient getting examined by doctor.

Chiropractic care offers healing benefits for children too, and our West Allis clinic is at the forefront of providing these. We deliver safe, natural treatments tailored for young patients, addressing issues from scoliotic spinal adjustments to soothing colicky babies, and easing the aches of growth spurts. Ensure your child’s health is protected with early and proactive spinal care in the welcoming environment of our clinic.

Prenatal chiropractic care patient sitting on doctors table.

Prenatal Care

Awaiting the arrival of your little one? Embrace the full array of chiropractic care benefits, personalized for your pregnancy journey at our West Allis clinic. Our gentle methods are specifically designed to alleviate discomfort in the lower back and pelvic regions, as well as to manage conditions like sciatica. Experience tranquility and relief during this special chapter with our attentive and caring approach.

New Patients from West Allis

Start your wellness journey with a comprehensive assessment by our chiropractic experts in West Allis. During your first visit, we’ll conduct a thorough review of your health history, complete essential X-rays, and perform a detailed evaluation of your spinal and neurological health. This in-depth analysis forms the foundation for us to create a tailored care plan, perfectly crafted to meet your individual health needs.

New patient checking in with the care coordinator at Advantage Chiropractic in New Berlin, WI.

Insurance Options

At Advantage Chiropractic, conveniently located near West Allis, we’re sensitive to the diverse financial situations of our patients. That’s why we’ve established a variety of payment options and work with a wide array of insurance plans, ensuring that our top-quality chiropractic care is attainable for everyone.

Insurance Adaptability:

We’re honored to collaborate with a broad spectrum of respected insurance carriers.

– We accommodate services under both in-network and out-of-network benefits
– We welcome various types of PPOs and HMOs
– We handle coverage for workers’ compensation incidents
– We’re active participants in the Medicare program

Our commitment is to make sure that financial limitations never stand in the way of your chiropractic health journey.

Initial Consultation

$ 49
1 Time Fee
  • Neurological Exam
  • X-Rays & Spinal Exam
  • Customized Treatment Plan

Why Choose Us


With Dr. Evan Norum and Dr. Zachary Bruley at the helm, our clinic near West Allis thrives. Their profound expertise and practical experience enhance our facility, enabling us to adeptly tackle a wide spectrum of health conditions with meticulous care and empathetic understanding.

Custom Treatment Plans:

At our clinic near West Allis, we honor the uniqueness of every individual seeking our care. We meticulously craft our treatment strategies to align with your specific health needs. This personalized method ensures the most favorable results and a healthcare experience that is tailored to your personal journey.

Non-Invasive Adjustments:

Our West Allis clinic utilizes the state-of-the-art Torque Release Technique alongside the precision of the Integrator instrument to deliver non-invasive spinal adjustments. This synergy of methods enables us to provide adjustments that are both gentle and precise, epitomizing our commitment to sophisticated and considerate chiropractic treatment.

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Set out on a path to comprehensive well-being with Advantage Chiropractic, located near West Allis. Our dedicated cadre of chiropractic experts is fervent about creating care regimens that are tailored to your individuality, providing natural pathways to alleviate pain. Just a brief journey from the bustling center of West Allis, we stand as your partners in realizing the complete advantages of spinal health, leading you to a dynamic and comfortable way of living. We encourage you to contact us now to commence your voyage to enhanced life quality.

Dr. Zach and Dr. Evan standing next to each other.
Dr. Zach and Dr. Evan standing next to each other.