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Choose to Be Sunny Rather Than Cloudy

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Turn on the TV, and it’s easy to feel dispirited by all the bad news reported. Spend enough time on social media, and you may find yourself caught up in negative emotions due to a friend’s controversial post. It seems like we’re a nation awash in negativity.

The good news is you can choose to be positive.

A Healthy Mind Makes a Healthy Lifestyle

At Advantage Chiropractic, we work on the inside of the body. It’s our job to determine what is causing the problem and then fix it. If we focus on a healthy and positive mindset (working on ourselves within), our day-to-day lives will be a whole lot simpler, easier and less stressful!

Actions to Add Positivity to Your Life

Here are seven ways to adopt a more positive outlook:

1.) Be mindful. By being mindful of our thoughts and feelings throughout the day, we can redirect our thinking from negativity to positivity.

2.) Surround yourself with positive people. You know how you feel after spending time with people who are negative and always looking for the dark cloud versus the silver lining. Instead, choose to spend time with those who lift you up and make you a better version of yourself.

3.) Know that failing is a valuable lesson. Imagine how many modern-day inventions wouldn’t have existed had inventors given up if their first attempts failed? Perseverance is key.

4.) Find humor in dark situations. Humor can allow you to escape a difficult situation even for a few minutes. A good laugh is a welcome respite from challenging times.

5.) Find something positive each day to focus on. Maybe you have a long commute to work and can’t stand sitting in traffic. Focus on the fact that you have a job to go to when many people are unemployed.

6.) Note positive affirmations. Use a journal or the notes feature of your smartphone to jot down various positive statements.  Some examples are “I am a kind person,” “I treat others with respect,” and “I love myself.”

7.) Meditate. As a type of mental training, meditation is a way to focus the mind. By thinking positive thoughts, you can get rid of negativity.

Chiropractic care also can help you feel more positive. That’s because it can help to relieve pain and reduce tension. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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