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Meet Dr. Zachary Bruley

Understanding the Value of Chiropractic

Dr. Zach Dr. Zach’s father was a long time chiropractic practice member, which helped him keep up with Dr. Zach and his two brothers, especially since they were very active with athletics throughout their whole lives. His father did not go to the chiropractor just when he was in pain, but explained to Dr. Zach that he did it because he needed to stay healthy so that he was able to help him and his siblings train, especially in wrestling. This inspired Dr. Zach to pursue chiropractic to learn and understand the neurology of the body and how it heals.

Continuing to Learn

Dr. Zach grew up playing a sport every season throughout each year and when high school came around, he had to pick between them. He decided to choose soccer, wrestling, and baseball. Then, he furthered his career in wrestling when he went off to college; he loved being around athletes. During his time at Northwestern Health Sciences University he really took an interest in keeping athletes healthy to make sure they stayed out on the field playing with their maximum potential.

Since receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic, he has continued to take courses to better understand the human body and its neurology, providing him with the tools to be the best chiropractor he can be. He is board-certified in Torque Release Technique and very committed to helping as many people in his community as possible.


Outside The office

He is married to the love of his life, Johanna. Together, they love vacationing at the family cabin, hunting, fishing, attending sporting events and spending time with their families.

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