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Two Friends with a Shared Passion

Advantage Chiropractic started with a friendship between Dr. Evan and Dr. Zach that goes back to their childhood. Growing up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, these two were always playing sports together. From soccer to baseball to wrestling, they formed a bond fueled by their mutual love of athletics.

Of course, all those sports led to bumps, bruises, aches and pains along the way. And that got them started on chiropractic care early on. The profound impact it had on their young lives set them on a course to become chiropractors themselves.

After undergrad – Dr. Zach earning a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Carroll University, and Dr. Evan in Biology from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh – they both went on to chiropractic school at Northwest Health Sciences University.

In 2017, these two friends finally realized their dream by opening Advantage Chiropractic in New Berlin. Focusing on patient-centered care and stellar service, the practice quickly became renowned as a top chiropractic center in the area.

Still Going Strong

Today, Dr. Evan and Dr. Zach continue to work side-by-side, just as they imagined when they first hatched the idea as kids. At Advantage Chiropractic, they help thousands live pain-free, reach their health goals, and feel their best.

Their passion for chiropractic and commitment to improving lives in their community remains as strong as ever.

Chiropractic Care Doctors: Dr. Zach & Dr. Evan
Live The Advantage

Our Approach: Caring Deeply

At Advantage Chiropractic, we treat you like family. From the moment you walk through our doors, our team’s warmth and care surround you. Your health and wellbeing are our top concerns. You’ll feel the difference in how we listen, explain each step, and customize your care.

We aim to exceed your expectations every step of the way. That means staying on top of the latest advances in chiropractic techniques and technology. It also means treating you with the same compassion we do our own loved ones.

Our ultimate goal is your optimal health and happiness. We get you there with a journey that starts with corrective care then moves into preventative care for lasting results.

Core Values: Treating you Like Family!

You’re not just another patient – we consider you part of our extended family.

From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll feel the welcoming warmth. Our team is fully committed to your comfort and treats you with the utmost respect.

We maintain the highest standards of care, recognizing the trust you place in us for your wellbeing. Our mission is to enhance lives by promoting lasting health and happiness.

With each patient, we strive to exceed expectations and consistently improve what we do. We aim to provide the most advanced, effective treatments through continuous learning and staying on top of healthcare innovations.

What sets us apart is our heartfelt, personalized approach. We treat you as we would our own loved ones, making your wellbeing our top priority. Throughout your journey to optimal health, we support you every step of the way.

You can count on the same thoughtful care and compassion from us that you do from family. We embrace you as an extended member of our clinic family.

Lead With Love

Compassion is at the heart of what we do. We acknowledge when someone is hurting and create a safe, welcoming environment for healing.

Live Proactive

While we're always here for reactive care when you need it, our focus is empowering you to live proactively for lifelong health.

Family First

You're not just a patient here. We consider you part of our extended family. Every interaction is built on genuine care, comfort and respect.

Restore Honesty

You can count on straight talk about your health and options here. We empower you to make fully informed decisions.

Pursue Balance

We recognize how crucial balance is - including in your nervous system. Our treatments help restore and maintain balance so you can thrive.

The 3 Peaks: What We Stand For

We meticulously selected our name, Advantage Chiropractic, to embody our profound belief in the transformative potential of chiropractic care. Our mission is to provide an advantage in life to our patients, ourselves, and our families through the attainment of optimal health and wellness. At Advantage Chiropractic, our goal is to empower individuals to live life to the fullest.

The three A's in "Advantage" represent the core values we stand for:

Advantage Peak


Advancing your health is the bedrock. Our chiropractic care and wellness services lift you to new levels of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Advantage Peak


We tap into your body's astounding potential to heal itself. Our adjustments, nutrition plans and therapies accelerate your natural restorative abilities.

Advantage Peak


We believe you can reach new heights of health on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual. Our passion is helping you get there so you can live life to its fullest.


Our accomplished doctors have specialized training and expertise across a wide range of health conditions. This includes:

  • Board certification in chiropractic care
  • Advanced certification in Torque Release Technique
  • Board certification in nutrition
  • Board certification in neuropathy and more

Every team member is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care and achieving life-changing results.

Advantage Chiropractic doctors sitting on a couch at the clinic.