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Advantage Chiropractic began serving the New Berlin and Brookfield communities on March 27, 2017. Our doctors are passionate about helping you reach the highest possible level of health and well-being. With natural chiropractic care, you can get to the root cause of your pain and symptoms and live a fuller, richer life of true wellness.

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Our Purpose

To build trust within the community by delivering high-quality, neurologically based chiropractic care, giving every person that receives it an advantage on the physical, chemical and emotional life stressors.

We are here to get you well and continue to keep you well for your entire life.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Every one of us has a nervous system that controls all functions in the body. To breathe, for your heart to beat and food to digest, your nervous system must operate. It’s responsible for the communication between your brain and body, with the brain telling the body what to do and when, and the body sending information back to the brain. We like people to remember the nervous system as a communication highway.

The nerves of your body are so vital that they’re encased in bone – the spine. Due to the stresses of life, the bones of the spine can shift out of place, affecting the delicate nerves that they protect. You can think of these misalignments as roadblocks on the communication highway. When our body experiences a roadblock, it lets us know via a symptom. A symptom is a warning sign for something not functioning correctly. For example: roadblocks in the neck can lead to neck pain or roadblocks in the lower back can lead to low back pain and sciatica. By removing these barriers, your brain and body can communicate better than they ever have before.

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Health: Your Greatest Asset

As long as you make your health a priority, you can achieve anything.

One of our practice members was a veteran who had problems in his low back and other health challenges. Through chiropractic care, he saw not only his discomfort decrease but started to see an overall improvement in his well-being. He felt more fulfilled and revitalized in health.

If you’re ready to find out how we can change your life, contact our chiropractic care center today! Same-day appointments are available.

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As we all know the longer that we leave a problem untreated the longer it will take to get it corrected. The sooner you take action with your health problems the quicker you are able to live your life happy, healthy and pain free. Please fill out this form to start your journey of healing.