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Reviews at Advantage Chiropractic

Stories From Our Practice Members

At Advantage Chiropractic we are passionate about naturally helping our practice members feel better and reach their health goals. If you’re considering us for your chiropractic care, then we encourage you to take a few minutes to read the stories below. Interested in joining our practice? Contact us today!

My Back Has Never Felt Better

I have always been skeptical of chiropractic services. However, this place has cleared all my anxiety. I suffer from herniated discs and a severe digestive situation. I never knew Chiropractic adjustments could alter my digestive situation, but it certainly has. I used to take pills for acid reflux, now I truly don’t need them anymore. My back has never felt better. I truly believe I am experiencing a life changing service here. – Lynda G.

Able to Help You in Amazing Ways

I know improvement doesn’t happen overnight but in just a short month and a half Dr. Evan & Dr. Zach have already corrected many pain points in my back and neck and even my wrist. As long as you’re continuously communicating to them your progress and even your setbacks they are able to help you in amazing ways. I am so glad I finally found a chiropractor that’s actually giving me results! – Nikayla F.

Amazing Team of Professionals

I’ve seen many doctors and specialists for my back pain and nobody has actually been able to fix the problem, many just seem to put a “band aid” on it and hope for the best….until I came to Advantage Chiropractic. Staff has been nothing but welcoming and kind. Dr. Zach and Dr. Evan has listened to me from the start and has even helped to get my body functioning more properly so I can hit all those PR’s in the gym. I highly recommend this amazing team of professionals! – Brie M.

All Around a Great Place with Amazing Staff

Dr. Evan, Dr. Zach and everyone on the Avantage team are nothing short of awesome! I was suffering from leg, hip, back, arm, and neck pain that got almost unbearable. After seeing Dr. Evan he found the root of all these problems was a misalignment in my neck. After only a few adjustments I noticed a huge difference: no more pain, better sleep, more energy. The team focuses on wellness so throughout your treatment you are given exercises and knowledge to maintain your results long term. The office is set up with the busy person in mind so taking time for an adjustment isn’t a huge burden on your day. All around a great place with amazing staff and real results! – Emily C.

My Quality of Life is Tremendously Better

I have a lot of physical problems, herniated disks, arthritis, etc at a young age of 43. I’ve had major back pain since my late 20’s and I have tried everything minus surgery without much success. After going to Advantage Chiropractic my pain is manageable and my quality of life is tremendously better. – John B.

I Have More Energy

My treatment with Advantage Chiropractic has improved every aspect of my life. I am sleeping better, so I have more energy for my friends and family. My headaches and neck pain are gone so I can focus on work longer. My back pain has been reduced as well, so I am finally back in the gym and living a healthier lifestyle. – Sara D.

We All Have Seen Significant Changes

Their culture and atmosphere is nothing I’ve experienced before. Our whole family began and we all have seen significant changes. They’ve helped us to begin reducing body aches and pains as well as fatigue! They find the root problems and offer solutions, not just create band-aids. – Tari B.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Going into their office the first time I didn’t think anything was wrong, didn’t link my problems to my nervous system. After two weeks (6 visits for me) I was able to drink coffee for the first time in years without regretting it later. I have more energy and no longer get headaches. For me, the results speak for themselves. I would definitely recommend Advantage Chiropractic. – Muffi K.

Better Range of Motion

Chiropractic care saved me from surgery! I am experiencing less pain in my lower back. I have better range of motion as well as mobility. I even sleep better and have less headaches. I can’t say enough great things about this place! – Curtis M.

No More Neck or Back Pain

Advantage Chiropractic helped me heal after my car accident, and even corrected pre-existing problems that I had. I have no more neck or back pain. – James S.

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