New Berlin Chiropractor adjusting patient.



Conditions Our Chiropractors Help With:

At Advantage Chiropractic in New Berlin, we understand that individuals might encounter bodily discomforts and ailments that dampen life’s vibrancy. As your dedicated partners, we stand ready to assist you in overcoming these hurdles, providing a sanctuary of healing and rejuvenation. Our talented chiropractors excel in addressing a broad range of musculoskeletal and nervous system conditions and will help guide you to a life free from pain and filled with resounding health.

Woman with neuropathy holding her foot.


Feeling tingle or burn in hands and feet? We provide helpful treatments to ease nerve discomfort and restore nerve function. Our specialized techniques bring relief for diabetic, peripheral, and compressed nerve issues.

Woman with neck pain holding her neck.

We address all kinds of neck problems, from tech neck to whiplash. Our tailored plans help with muscle strain, disc issues, arthritis, and more. We’ll pinpoint the cause of your distress for lasting relief.

Man holding holding his back in pain.

We get you moving freely again quickly! Whether it’s sciatica, a strained muscle, spinal stenosis or slipped disc, our customized treatments reduce discomfort and improve mobility. Rely on us for natural relief.

Man suffering from a migraine headache holding his temples.

We’ll help you say farewell to head discomfort for good. Our proficient adjustments provide relief for migraines, tension, and cervicogenic head discomfort. You deserve an ache-free life.

Elderly woman holding her back because of sciatic nerve pain.

We reduce the burning distress of sciatica caused by herniated discs, pregnancy, spinal stenosis, and more. Our rehab programs get the largest nerve in your body feeling better fast.

Man suffering from sports injury condition affecting his knees.

From dislocations to tendonitis, we help athletes rebound. Our doctors have first-hand experience with sports injuries. Trust us to get you performing your best again.

Man suffering from whiplash after a car accident.

Car accidents cause lasting damage. We correct whiplash, sprains, and misalignments from collisions, using gentle techniques. Regain your mobility after an accident.

Child laying down with a chiropractor holding his chest.

Kids benefit from chiropractic too! We offer natural, safe treatments for issues like scoliosis, colic, and growing pains. Give your child the best start with early spinal care.

An expecting mother holding her belly at a prenatal chiropractic office.

Prenatal Care

Pregnancy doesn’t mean missing out on chiropractic benefits. Our gentle approach relieves back/pelvic distress and sciatica safely. Enjoy comfort and peace of mind during this special time.