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Advantage Chiropractic is a beacon of hope for patients across Wisconsin, especially those in Elm Grove. We’re fervently committed to championing the cause of natural recuperation via chiropractic interventions. Dr. Evan Norum and Dr. Zachary Bruley are at the helm, dedicated to uplifting your health and holistic well-being. We’re all about providing top-notch chiropractic solutions to our amazing clients in Elm Grove and beyond. Health is everything, and we’re here to make sure you’re feeling your best.

Dr. Evan and Dr. Zachary are the pillars of our establishment, renowned for their profound knowledge and patient-centric ethos. If Elm Grove is your home or you’re from the vicinity, do drop by to witness the profound impact of chiropractic healing.

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Chiropractic Care

At our clinic located near Elm Grove, we take a holistic approach to your health. Our chiropractors use a mix of traditional and modern techniques to address nerve and skeletal concerns, fix spinal or joint problems, and help your body heal naturally.

Chiropractic care has been around since 1895 and we believe it’s all about helping your body heal itself. We want to address any spinal and joint issues, reduce discomfort, and make sure you’re feeling your best. Chiropractic care isn’t just for back pain – it can also help prevent potential issues and discomfort. By coming in regularly, you can keep your body in tip-top shape.

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We take care of your neuropathy, back problems, cervical pain, and sports injuries with our non-intrusive chiropractic techniques in Elm Grove. Our certified chiropractors can help you manage your chronic pain and improve your agility.

Neuropathy chiropractic care patient holding her foot.

Neuropathy Elm Grove

Are you experiencing tingling or burning sensations in your limbs? Our targeted interventions provide relief from nerve-related discomfort such as diabetic neuropathy and peripheral nerve challenges, while also bolstering nerve vitality.

Neck pain chiropractic care patient holding the back of her neck.

We’ve got you covered for all kinds of neck pains – from staring at screens for too long to sudden jerks. Our tricks help with tight muscles, irregular discs, swollen joints, and more. We’ll figure out what’s causing your pain and show you how to get rid of it for good.

Back pain chiropractic care patient holding his lower back in pain.

Got a bad back? We’ve got your back! Our therapies are natural, so you can get moving again and say goodbye to the pain. We’ll help you whether you’ve been dealing with a nerve pinch, muscle strain, spinal narrowing, or disc misplacement. 

Headache chiropractic care patient holding his temples.

Say goodbye to pesky headaches with our expert techniques. We’ll take care of migraines, stress headaches, and those that come from your neck. Enjoy a pain-free life!

Sciatica chiropractic care patient holding sciatic nerve in pain.

We help you get rid of the annoying sciatic pain caused by disc protrusions, spinal stenosis, and other issues. Our rehab programs work like magic and quickly soothe your nerves.

Sports injury chiropractic care patient holding his knee in pain

We’re here to help athletes recover from all kinds of injuries – from joint problems to inflamed tendons. Our team knows all about sports injuries, so you can trust us to get you feeling better and performing at your best in Elm Grove.

Car accident chiropractic care patient holding his neck from whiplash after an accident.

Car accidents can mess you up pretty bad. But don’t worry, we use gentle methods to take care of neck jolts, muscle pulls, and spinal misalignments after a crash so you can get back to feeling like yourself.

Pediatric chiropractic care patient getting examined by doctor.

Chiropractic care works wonders for kids too! We offer natural and safe solutions for spinal curves, infant distress, and growth-related discomforts. So, if you want to keep your child healthy, bring them over to Elm Grove for early spinal attention.

Prenatal chiropractic care patient sitting on doctors table.

Prenatal Care

Get ready to say goodbye to all the aches and pains that come with pregnancy! Our gentle chiropractic techniques are here to provide relief to your lumbar and pelvic areas, and even nerve pinches. You can relax and unwind during this precious time with our peaceful and calming approach.

Elm Grove New Patients

If you want to start feeling better, our chiropractic doctors are here to help. In your first visit, we’ll go through your medical history, take some X-rays, and check your spine and nervous system in detail. This way, we can create a personalized treatment plan just for you.

New patient checking in with the care coordinator at Advantage Chiropractic in New Berlin, WI.

Insurance Options

At Advantage Chiropractic, we get it that everyone has different financial situations. That’s why we offer different pricing options and accept insurance to make sure everyone can have access to our top-quality chiropractic services.

We’re thrilled to partner with a range of top insurance providers, giving you the choice of in-network or out-of-network coverage, including PPOs and HMOs. We also provide coverage for workers’ compensation and accept Medicare.

Initial Consultation

$ 49
1 Time Fee
  • Neurological Exam
  • X-Rays & Spinal Exam
  • Customized Treatment Plan

Why Choose Us


Our medical clinic has a wealth of expertise under the guidance of Dr. Evan Norum and Dr. Zachary Bruley to address various conditions.

Custom Treatment Plans:

Our treatment plans are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring the best outcomes.

Non-Invasive Adjustments:

The Torque Release Technique utilizes the Integrator instrument to provide precise and gentle adjustments to realign the spine.

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Start Living the Advantage!

If you’re looking for natural pain relief in Elm Grove, WI, look no further than Advantage Chiropractic. Our chiropractors are caring and committed to crafting treatment plans customized to your unique needs. We offer organic pain relief solutions, and are located just a short drive from the heart of Elm Grove. Our goal is to help you achieve improved spinal health, allowing you to lead an active and pain-free life. Contact us today to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Zach and Dr. Evan standing next to each other.
Dr. Zach and Dr. Evan standing next to each other.