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Want to Improve Your Health?
Drink More Water!

Water—it’s one of life’s greatest necessities. Without it, we simply couldn’t exist! Yet, most of us don’t drink the recommended ounces each day.

To help you stay hydrated in the coming summer months, we’d like to share a few easy tips on how you can improve your H2O consumption.

Easy Ways to Get More Water into Your Diet


  1. Rely on a reusable water bottle. A reusable bottle can help you track how much water you’re drinking each day. If you use a 24 oz bottle, you can refill it morning, noon and night for an easy way to ensure you’re getting adequate H2O.
  2. Add flavor to your water. Some people just find water bland and prefer a little more flavor. At your local grocery store, you can find plenty of water enhancers with zero calories or sugar—try out a few flavors and see which you like! You can also infuse your water at home with sliced lemon, limes and berries.
  3. Eat hydrating foods. You don’t just have to drink water to get hydrated—you can also eat it! Foods like cucumber, lettuce, broccoli, cherries and grapes are comprised of a lot of water—adding them to your diet can help replenish hydration. 

Drinking plenty of water has been shown to regulate body temperature, improve skin, flush the body of waste, improve digestion and maintain blood pressure.

How Water Helps Your Spine

Did you know that your spine consists of many vertebrae? In between these spinal discs are small, fluid filled sacs that rely on water to maintain their cushion, which supports proper movement of your spine. When you’re dehydrated, these sacs can become weak and dried out, which means your spinal bones are unable to move as they were designed.

The next time you drink a glass of water, remember that you’re doing your spine a favor!

Learn More

Ready to learn more about how to keep your spine healthy, through hydration and other modalities? We’d love to speak with you in our practice soon. We hope to see you for an adjustment this month!

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